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Dissabte, 17.9.2016 16h30

Fri 16 - First day of La Muga Caula

At Friday, volunteers and organizers had the oppurtunity to meet with the artists of La Muga Caule during a colorful lunch in Dada, a restuarant close to Figueres. By both getting to know each other and having a taste from the Catalan cuisine, a meaningful first experience of the festival was made. After the lunch, the artists arrived to the village of Les Escaules to be welcomed by the warm smiles of the residents. With the arrival of both the artists and spectators Joan Casellas, who is the creator of La Muga Caula initiated the start of the 12th official edition of the festival. Spending time sociliazing and catching up from the old times by the companz of champaigne, cips and other appatizers, village residents were prepared for the first performances of the festival. The performances started with Joseph Sou's frenzied act followed by Dolors Miquel's passionate poems. With the end of the feast for the heart and the soul, the feast for the stomaches has started. Humus, rice and delicious sauces were served by the volunteers. As a finish to the night, the crowd was invited to perform their own 1-minute long acts. With astonished noises of the crowd due to the many different colorful performances, the night was closed with a special act dedicated to La Muga Caula with 35 participants reading 3 different lines either in Catalan or English. The sounds of full stomaches and fed spirits left the the big hall. 

Dijous, 15.9.2016 23h15

Wed 14 - Aplec de Sardanes

On Wednesday, after one day of preparations and getting to know all the new people,  the Aplec de Sardanes festival came. La Sardana is a traditional catalunian dance. After a delicious breakfast we started with all the preparations. Chairs, tables, food and drinks, parking signs.. Very interesting was to make the typical spanish tomato bread and talk to local people while this. After lunch and rest time, we finished all the preparations. Immediately the usually empty village was full of people coming there to enjoy the Sardana dance and gather together. It was very nice to see so many senior people dancing and sharing their time together, strengthen their beautiful traditions. All the people who organized this event and we as volunteers could observe the positive effect of our effort and work. There was a live band playing music for all the dancing people. After three Sardana dances, bread with sausage, cake and wine was served. Because of a sudden rain, the whole festival was moved indoors, but it was not a big problem and the second three dances took place inside. On the dancefloor, many big and small dance circles were formed. Also a lucky-dip was announced. It was a very nice day full of new experience for us.

Dimecres, 14.9.2016 16h00

Fem poble!

From September 12th till September 24th a small group of international volunteers is taking part in the village life in Les Escaules (Alt Empordà), about 10 km from Figueres. Through this blog we want to give you some insights in their experiences and let you be part of this small workcamp which this year is celebrating its 10th anniversary. 



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