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ICM 2017

4 de desembre 17h45

ICM (International Committee Meeting) arrives in Catalunya!

From December 6 to 10, we will host the International Assembly of SCI in Catalonia! The meeting will take place in Llinars del Vallès and will start with an inaugural event by Jordi Palou. This year, SCI Catalunya hosts the the international SCI General Assembly. This is one of the most important annual meetings of the Service Civil International’s network, where decisions are taken about its functioning and strategy on the global level. About one hundred people, from more than 40 branches of SCI worldwide, will attend this meeting, which takes place in Llinars del Vallès from 6 to 10 December.


27 de novembre 19h15

Leander House, Massachussetts

Hola, em dic David, actualment tinc 26 anys, I fa 2 mesos i mig que estic realitzant el voluntariat de llarga durada aquí a Sheffield, Massachusetts.   Sempre havia volgut treballar amb persones amb necessitats especials, havia fet coses de magnituds molt petites en comparació amb això, i m'havien portat molta satisfacció personal. Estic a un projecte de l'SCI d'Estats Units a l'oest de Massachusetts que s'anomena Leander House i consisteix en compartir el dia a dia amb persones adultes amb (dis)capacitat intel·lectual.

Articles voluntàries

24 de novembre 13h30

Cooperem en la diversitat

Ja fa 5 anys que el districte de Ciutat Vella organitza les jornades "Cooperem en la diversitat", un espai de reflexió, debat i apropament a la realitat quotidiana de les persones amb diversitat funcional. La finalitat del projecte és reflexionar sobre les situacions que es troben les persones amb diversitat funcional i buscar un apropament a les situacions quotidianes que viuen. Al llarg d'aquests anys s'ha convertit en un espai per a la reflexió i sensibilització des de l'enfocament del "dret als drets", entrant en diàleg sobre les dificultats, oportunitats i capacitats que han descobert a partir de la seva (dis)capacitat.

Peaceweek 2017: Entre Terres

7 de novembre 12h00

Peaceweek, 27.09.2017

Our last day was full of events. First of all we had two special guests in Sci office. In the morning we met "Taula per Méxic", who told us about the situation in this country. She gave us some valuable information on narco trafficking in Mexico and the conflict and war environment caused by “narcos”. Mexico is in a constant war situation, but many countries do not acknowledge this, even though many people are killed every year in Mexico. The war in Mexico is between different groups (Government, gangs etc.

Peaceweek 2017: Entre Terres

7 de novembre 11h45

Peaceweek, 26.09.2017

On Tuesday Joan from CCAR (Commission for helping refugees in Catalunya settling in flats) came to explain the procedures that the asylum seekers have to go through, the obstacles they face and how the organization helps them in that process. Over lunch we met with Sindicat Popular de Venedors Ambulants (Syndicate of street sellers), who explain their situation and fight for recognition. They recently developed a brand, Top manta. They talked about the disproportionate and excessive use of force by the police and how they achived to raise their voices against unfair treatment by organizing themselves and defending their rights.

Peaceweek 2017: Entre Terres

7 de novembre 11h15

Peaceweek, 25.09.2017

On the 25 of September we start the day by discussing control, detention and expulsion of migrants. Aurea Martin shared with us her knowledge and experience as an activist. We also talked about ethnic profiling, which happens in Spain. Ethnic profiling is when police randomly stop people who they believe are without papers, which is forbidden by the law. Aurea told us that the Spanish government spends a lot of money (over 11 million Euros) on deportation, of migrants, every year. There are two kinds of large scale deportation flights: Deportation on regular flights, when people who are being deported share flight with passengers who travels for pleasure and the other kind is massive deportation flights which are organized by the government or by Frontex to deport dozen of immigrants by force, against their own will.

Peaceweek 2017: Entre Terres

7 de novembre 11h00

Peaceweek, 23.09.2017

Today Xoan Perillan came to talk about his experience of the southern border of Spain. This was a really interesting topic for us because some us of have never heard of the situation in the Southern border and his presentation really opened up our eyes. We talked about Ceuta and Melilla, which are Spanish territories in Africa. In the light of this conversation we talked about the borders not only as physical and geographical limitations but also as mental an artificial borders. In the Southern border of Spain, Sub-Saharan migrants have been trying to cross the borders to reach the two cities, because when they are in a Spanish zone, they can seek for asylum in Spain at least in theory.

Peaceweek 2017: Entre Terres

7 de novembre 10h00

Peaceweek, 22.09.2017

The third day of the Peaceweek was mainly dedicated to the presentations of participants. Each volunteer presented the migration situation in her country: Belgium, Catalunya, Denmark, Italy, Kurdistan/Turkey, Palestine, Portugal, Russia and South Korea. Sara and her presentation about the migration situation in Denmark Kate her presentation about the migration situation in Russia Giulia (on the left) and Angela (on the right) and their presentation about the migration situation in Italy Soraia (on the left) and Ana (on the right) and their presentation about the migration situation in Portugal Nûpelda and her speech about the migration situation in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey Sarah and her presentation about the migration situation in Belgium Amy and her presentation about the migration situation in South Korea Lubna and her presentation about the migration situation in Palestine After the presentations we went picnicking in the park, Ciutadella.

Peaceweek 2017: Entre Terres

6 de novembre 18h30

Peaceweek, 21.09.2017

Today we started with the topic of borders, externalization of borders and the freedom to move. Juli, from Stop Mare Mortum, explained the work, history and structure of their organization. We found out that the Mediterranean sea has been one of the deadliest seas recently, because refugees have been risking their lives to cross it with small boats and arrive to their destinations. Stop Mare Mortum helps refugees to cross borders more safely and offers them legal advice. They also offer children and adolescents training sessions in schools about refugees’ journey which is full of danger and obstacles.

Peaceweek 2017: Entre Terres

6 de novembre 17h45

Peaceweek, 20.09.2017

It all starts with...   Ten volunteers and one coordinator in Barcelona which is having a lively atmosphere due to the upcoming referendum and the national fiesta la Mercè.… The first day of the Peaceweek was dedicated to getting to know one another and the scope and the schedule of the work camp. After getting to know one another, we discussed our motivations and expectations from this workcamp and learned about the Entre [terres]. First things first! Everybody should have a notebook to take notes during the Peaceweek and take it back home as a souvenir.


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