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Voluntariats de Llarga Durada

26 de gener 17h15

EVS en Marske by the Sea (England)

Llegué a UK el pasado octubre y estaré realizando mi EVS hasta septiembre. Después de tres meses aquí creo que ya tengo algunas opiniones formadas y puedo compartir lo que ha sido hasta ahora mi experiencia para que aquellos que se están planteando realizar un EVS puedan beneficiarse de la misma. Obviamente cada uno lo vivirá siempre de manera distinta, pero toda información o referencia siempre es valiosa cuando tienes delante una decisión tan importante (un año de tu vida no se elige a la ligera).

Camps de Voluntariat a Europa del Nord

26 de novembre 18h15

Botanic Garden in Reykjavík (Islàndia)

Us deixem amb uns vídeos més que suggerents d'aquest camp:

Mifi Seminar

25 de novembre 11h45


The 24th of November was the departure day: after a week of intense work and a lot of passionate discussions it's time to say goodbye to all the group. The MIDI seminar was a good opportunity to meet people with which someone until know just spoke trough email, and for work toghether on future projects understanding from  the past mistakes  and tryng to learn from them.   

Mifi Seminar

24 de novembre 11h15


The morning started with the presentation of two organisations: SCI Germany ATAV The the the continued with the singles working groups about the topics came out in the previous sessions: Workcamps Equal partnership Communication Conflicts in Midi area   In the afternoon each groups explained in a plenary all the new project ideas arised during these two deays "Future project planning" , it was a very heated discussion, full of incentives and new ideas.  After the final evaluation, the groups had a break after the intense week of work with a relaxing party.

Mifi Seminar

23 de novembre 13h00


22/11/2014   The morning started with the presentation of two organisations: SCI Belgium SCI Italy   Then the day continue with a session aimed to identify the problems and to find strategies to face them, working in small groups.   After the first session came out five topics:   Introregional exchange Cooperation in midi area and communication Workcamps What beyond Worckamps Long term volunteering (LTV and EVS)   Then the group shared their conlusions in a plenary , and the structure of groups changed a little bit:   Long term volunteering (LTV and EVS) Workcamps Equal partnership Communication Conflicts in Midi area   This day and the day after are the practical core of the seminar, in which partcipants are going to explain their will for the future, for possible projects and collaboration between branchs and the partners present in the seminar.

Mifi Seminar

21 de novembre 20h30


Today 4 organisations were presented VSI Ireland CSM Morocco SCI Hellas i-dare for social development   We continued discussing about SCI and peace work in MIDI area. We had a presentation about civil resistance that focused on the situation in Palestine. After that we reviewed the SCI originals aimes and objectives in order to reestablish the connection between the ideology and practise.   The next topic was conflict transformation, we used popular tools to analyse conflicts in our own contexts and then we colated the information and discussed the results.


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