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Peaceweek 2017: Entre Terres

Dilluns, 6.11.2017 17h30

Peaceweek, Migration Study Camp: Entre [Terres]

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However migrations have always been a relevant topic in the history of humankind, nowadays forced migration is one of the most hot and controversial topics not only in the european agenda but also in the global agenda. While the borders of the fortress Europe are being reinforced,  human hights violations are becoming more usual and most of the european governments are not taking the responsabilities that they must take.

One the other hand, a lot of people, associations and social movements have been working to report and denounce the situation of migrants and refugees, to demand the goverments to act, and to create alternatives to host policies. The aim of this camp, which starts on 19.09.2017 and ends on 28.09.2017, is to study, debate and exchange knowledge about the issues related to forced migrations. Besides receiving and hosting different points of views and different realities from international participants, tthis camp will allow the participants to learn about the different projects working in Catalunya.

One of these projects is Entre[Terres] which is is an educational guide focused on migration in the Mediterranean Sea. There are five sub topics in it: Mare Mortum, racism, human rights gender and LGBTQ+, social transformation. During the Peaceweek the participants will get the chance to learn about these sub topics or deepen their already existing knowledge and offer an educatonal guide or activity related to one of these sub topics.


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